PRO-Stream Lifecycle

Data Integration Fabric

Consents Hub

Converge Consents from Diverse Enterprise Applications
Establish Enterprise-wide Consented Actions Ontology
AI-assisted Legal Lingo to Permissible Analytic Action Translations
Manage Consent Drifts - Drifts Workflows
Trigger Reconsenting workflows
Accept and Track Data Subject Requests across Enterprise Assets

Rapid MPP Processing

Privacy Platform as API

Federate Enterprise Data Systems Seamlessly
Programmatically Check Intended Use Permissibility
Track Intended Use Actions
Delegate & Track Data Subject Requests
Authoritative Consent Source as API

Deep Information Semantics

Compliance Workflows & Reporting

Continually Assess Compliance Posture
Policy-driven compliance workflows
Intended Use reporting
Exception Reporting and aging
One-Click Privacy Compliance Reporting