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  • ZiMetrics BigData technologies

    "One word: Awesome!"

    Vikas and his team partnered with us to build analytics platform for our stealth mode startup, which aims to disrupt the call center industry. The experience of working with Vikas and his team has been pure joy and the planning, timeliness, quality, thought fullness, cost & impeccable execution has put us on a very strong footing.

    I have to also confess that it has been personally very humbling experience for me, as before meeting Vikas & his team, I use to consider myself to be an expert in Business Intelligence - Just Sign up !!

    Manish Panjiar, Founder & CEO, XTaaS Corp. Before, VP Product Development, QuinStreet

  • Zimetrics BigData technologies

    "Deep Expertise, Complete Ownership, Specialised Consulting"

    Vikas and his team played an instrumental role in a high-tech solution for us, involving diverse BigData technologies with high performance engineering and web scale considerations. Besides everything else, what stood out was their breadth of expertise, their deep skill level and a comprehensive consultative approach with keen customer success focus.

    Vice President, Engineering & RnD Division – Consumer Electronics, A Leading Global IT Engineering Services Provider